Sug = #259

So I have finished 259th in the WSOP Main Event, which was good for $38,759. I still cannot summon the energy to write a detailed blog entry about the tournament (and it doesn’t help that I stopped taking notes after two days).

In short, I am happy with my play. The tournament required that I go through several different phases, ranging from hours of supertight play to pockets of hyperaggressive activity. I passed most of the tests I faced with flying colors.

I am proud to have improved on my 2005 finish, and I’m acutely aware of the fact that my game has evolved greatly since that time. The hand that busted me is illustrative of this fact: it was a daring squeeze-play reraise gone wrong. Making the reraise would never have occurred to me last year; the move wasn’t even in my arsenal. Then again, last year, I’d never have lived long enough to make the same play.

I suppose I’m slightly disappointed that I failed to get into the big money, but 39 grand is nothing to sneeze at. Both my bottom line and my tournament resume look a lot nicer than they did a week ago. I have no regrets.

I fly back to NYC sometime in the next 48 hours and then it’s back to the grind.

6 thoughts on “Sug = #259

  1. In my world, $38,759 IS big money. I think my fave part was when you went all in against the guy that looked like Christopher Walken, caught an ace on the river and doubled your stack. HOT šŸ™‚ Or maybe it was when Jimmy FINALLY folded against your huge raise and you casually came over to the rail w/a huge grin whispering “I had nothing on that hand!!” Poor Jimmy šŸ˜¦

    couldn’t be any prouder of you,

  2. I imagine this almost feels as good as that time you had the #1 ranking on the Yahoo Hearts ladder. ALMOST. Anyway, keep living the dream, and CONGRATS!

  3. As U. Pee Pee always said “This is the Life” when he sat down & looked over his backyard. I guess a poker table is YOUR backyard. Enjoy & congrads. You are unique & that is surely a wonderful thing to be. POP POP would be sooo proud. Love ya.

  4. Bro, wasn’t it a field of about 8,000 players?? And you came in 259….thats impressive. Good job man. Go and celebrate a little, you deserve it. I heard that place “Drais” is pretty good in the Barbary Coast…lol….lata brotha…congrats

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