Yearly Review, Part 3

Goal #3:  Become Proficient at a Game Besides No-Limit Hold ‘Em

In January 2006, I had the ability to play all the poker games reasonably well at the “$3 home game” level, but I had no real idea on how to play anything but Hold ‘Em on an advanced level.  So I made it a goal to learn the other games. 

My grade on this one is an F.  As a matter of fact, I spent 2006 playing No Limit Hold ‘Em 99.9% of the time.  Learning a different game turned out to be a pretty big time commitment, plus it required that I play at low stakes tables that I found pretty boring.  At the start of 2006, I played a few sessions of Pot Limit Omaha, but I quickly stopped that practice and stuck with NLHE.  The new games never happened.

In light of the surge in popularity of H.O.R.S.E. (rotation) tournaments in 2006, learning other poker games is still something that I have to take seriously.  Also, if I ever want to play in massively large cash games (umm, suuure), I will have to learn all forms of poker, since all the biggest cash games are rotation games.

But without further ado, I bring to you some brief summaries of how to play games other than No Limit Hold ‘Em, based on my rudimentary knowledge of those games.  If I were given the task of writing Super SugSystem in less than one page, it would look like this (and yes, I know some of this is total nonsense, so lay off.  It’s meant to be humorous):

Limit Hold ‘Em:  Once my strongest game, I’m afraid I no longer have the foggiest clue.  Can you calculate pot odds?  Yes?  You can play limit hold ‘em!

Seven Card Stud:  Don’t play shitty starting hands.  Ever.  If you have good cards, play them.  Watch the board.  If all the queens are out, you’re not filling your gutshot broadway draw.  Don’t bluff.

Omaha High/Low:  Never, ever play marginal hands that can end up becoming second-best holdings.  Play mostly hands that can scoop.  Peddle the nuts and prey on the idiots who are playing every hand.

Pot Limit Omaha:  Don’t play marginal hands ever!  Play hands that flop monsters or monster draws only.  Second best equals death.  Sit around waiting for a situation where both you and your opponent are correct to shove all the chips in and pray that you win!

Razz:  If you have a great hand, bet it!  If you have a threatening board, bluff it!  Your opponent is probably holding three-pair.


Pretty good, huh?  You are now armed and dangerous and no one can stop you in any of these games. 

Hopefully in 2007 I will be able to expand on these amazing theories!

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