The Samson of the Green Felt.

I’ve tried everything else.  At this point, I’ve been running bad for so long that it’s time for a desperation move:  yes, that’s right.  A dumb, superstitious game!

I hereby announce that I will not cut my hair until I show a five-figure profit in a single day.*  Here’s the already unkempt starting point for your viewing pleasure.

In other news, I am just about finishing rereading the book that planted the “go pro” seed in my head way back in 2002:  The Big Deal by Anthony Holden.  It’s a quality book.  The all-time poker masterpiece is A. Alvarez’s Biggest Game In Town, but The Big Deal is quite good as well.  And the sequel will be published in May.

-Furry Sug 

*unless Janeen makes me.

6 thoughts on “The Samson of the Green Felt.

  1. “Unless Janeen makes me?” WTF is that? I thought you were the man in the relationship???? I thought it was YOU that tells HER what to do!! What kind of nonsense is this “unless she makes me” crap? Man up and let her know who’s the….

    oops — gotta run — Andrea is calling for me to do the dishes.

  2. The not cutting of the hair is too cliché, how about not cutting your finger or toe nails. I do have a question for the oracle, what are the best instructional poker books you have read?

  3. I fully support this decision!!! (unless the ponytail mullet returns … then we might have to talk.) Good Luck, baby! I have no doubt the hair will be short again soon. xoxo

  4. hey chublove:

    for no limit hold em tournaments, Harrington on Hold ‘Em Vols. 1 and 2 are indispensible must-reads. if you’re talking about limit hold ’em or cash game no limit hold ’em, the answer differs.

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