Should Have Stayed Closed.

My poker hiatus finally over, I was back in business today.  ‘Twas not a good day. 

For years, I have read on poker forums about how insane online poker Sundays are.  However, I never really experienced it for myself.  During football season I abstain completely, and from Feburary through August I pick out a few tournaments each Sunday and concentrate on those.

Today I decided to treat my Sunday the way real online multitable grinders do:  I fired up all of the good ones and went to work.  Ugh, I wish I hadn’t.  I took the collar.  Yes, 0-fer the entire day.  Although the dent in my bankroll was small, it made me supremely annoyed.  It’s a very unpleasant feeling to play so many of these freakin’ things without so much as a sniff of the money.

I know I am especially upset about today’s whiffage because I just shaved.  This is a strange quirk of mine:  when I am really pissed off, I shave.  Not when my facial hair has grown to a certain length, not when I have a formal event to attend, not Tuesdays Thursdays and alternate Saturdays.  The schedule doesn’t work that way.  I shave when I’m pissed off.  Something about a long hapless day of online poker makes my skin crawl, it makes me physically uncomfortable.  You see, I spend 99% of my life blissfully unaware of what I look like and of how my skin feels.  The other 1% of the time is when I’m very frustrated:  Under those conditions I suddenly cannot stand the whiskers on my face and must remove them at once.  I want to tear my hair out, except it’s the hair on my face.  I do feel a bit better once I’ve shaved.  So if you see me walking around without even a hint of facial growth, feel sorry for me.  It means that some jackass has cracked my pocket aces with 10-8 offsuit in the past couple of hours.   

Next up for me is a long trip to Las Vegas, which will include a welcome return to brick & mortar poker.  The Deep Stack Extravaganza at the Venetian and the Wynn Poker Classic.  This clean shaven online donk wants revenge.

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