The ‘Woods Again.

Since my last personal update, I failed to cash in the main event at Caesar’s, then mostly banged my head against a wall, i.e., played a lot of online poker.

Now I’m back at the familiar scene of many triumphs (including my first big score) and failures (including my one true meltdown).  Foxwoods.

This place has a lot of perks.  Free internet, donks a-plenty, good food options, nice accomodations, and professionally run tournamnets.

Also there are drawbacks.  They never comp me a room up here, I’m stuck paying the poker rate, which is a still rather steep $150 per on weeknights.  The tournaments start at an hour that many poker players, including myself, are unaccostomed to:  10:00 AM.  And there is nothing to see or do when I’m not playing poker.  At least in Atlantic City I can go to the White House or walk around on the boardwalk.  Here, the options are 1) play poker and 2) sleep. 

Speaking of sleep, I need some badly right now.  I woke up at an unnatural hour so that I could get up here in time for today’s event, a $300 shootout.  All for naught, as I quickly went bust in the first round of the thing.  Oh well.

I usually leave this place with more money than I came with.  Hopefully this trip is no exception.  

6 thoughts on “The ‘Woods Again.

  1. Oh well, i didnt get a chance to introduce myself. the more appropriate term for the 1st event would be the crapshoot-out. the fact that you have to contend with a god awful structure for the shootout portion and your reward for that is to be in a freezeout tournament with 400 with no money bubble in sight.

    Are you going to still be at the wonder of it all on friday?

  2. Thanks guys and hello Rich.

    For those of you keeping score at home, so far I’m dumping money to the Pequots like it’s going out of style. I’m 0-for everything (one MTT and a bunch of single table sats) so far. Blah.

    I’ll be here through Friday afternoon, and back again Sunday night, Rich. 🙂

  3. Hey dude, save some $$$ and stay with us next time you are at Foxwoods. I should start working at Craftsteak there when it opens.

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