In Like A Lion, Out Like… A Larger, Angrier Lion?

After a pretty horrendous January and a so-so February, I have made a bit of a breakthrough.  March 2009 was my most productive month in my three-plus years of playing tournament poker.  It was not one of my highest grossing months and I didn’t have any outright wins, but it was easily my most consistently dominant stretch of tournaments ever.  I made it to four final tables in three different locations, including one in a 5k main event.  I also accomplished a rare feat:  back to back final tables this past weekend at Foxwoods. It’s satisfying to get deep in so many tournaments in such a short period of time.  Lots of my colleagues–including some whom I have the utmost respect for–have recently paid me some really nice compliments, and that is also especially gratifying.

So what happened?  Am I running insanely hot right now or have I turned some kind of a corner as a poker player?  It would be convenient to say the latter is the case, but it would also be self serving.  The truth is likely closer to the former; I’ve definitely won a lot of coinflips late in these tournaments.  I do feel particularly dialed in right now– my understanding of preflop hand ranges is pretty impeccable (if i may say so), but for the most part I think my number is just getting called more often than it has in the past.

Either way, I have no complaints and hope to continue popping up at final tables.  

I haven’t had a really good night sleep in weeks, so I’m not interested in describing any key hands I’ve recently played, but I expect I’ll get around to it sometime soon.  Also, I have a few amusing stories to tell. Probably next time.

Again, to those of you who have recently given me props:  thank you.

Also, take a look at what else I’ve been up to.  I’m quite the multi-tasking guy.  Not only have I been appearing at final tables near you, I’ve been penning diatribes for NYC in the ongoing war between Chitown and NY Snuggie entusiasts.  Snuggie pride y’all!

6 thoughts on “In Like A Lion, Out Like… A Larger, Angrier Lion?

  1. DZ,

    Modesty will get you everywhere in this world. Nice bluff on the “Am I running insanely hot right now or have I turned some kind of a corner as a poker player?” angle shot. Just messing with you…well done sir.

  2. what an ANIMAL!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!! You LOVEEE final tables!!!! What about me?? Can I be as good as you?? Can I make as many final tables?? LOL.

    Variance was certainly smiling favorably on you this past month…but the fact that you’re a great player doesn’t hurt either. I’m glad that you’re just a text or a phonecall away (unless you’re there in person of course…adoyeee!!!) if I need your opinion or advice on anything, poker-related or otherwise. Kudos again on your version of ‘March Madness’ buddy…hope that it continues. So far I’ve been the Pippen (or maybe Steve Kerr?) to your Jordan on Team MC….but hopefully I’ll have my day as MJ soon. 🙂 Lookin forward to Luger’s…..mmmmm beefyyyyyy

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