WSOP 2005 – Postscript

POSTSCRIPT: May 22, 2006

Some things have changed since I wrote this summary, namely:

1) Carrie and Kevin got engaged and will be getting married this fall. 🙂

2) I don’t think I would open-raise with AJ in the Maciek hand today. I still think I would have pushed all in with the set of tens on day two though.

3) I would now handle the bubble very differently. Simply cashing in the tournament would be less of a priority today. At the Lederer table, I’d now push with the AQ and 88 without much thought. $12,000 means a lot less to me now. Also, I now understand that accumulating chips at every opportunity is of paramount importance in tournaments. I am now hyperaggressive on the bubble, in contrast to my turtle-shell routine in the 2005 WSOP. Shout out to Erick Lindgren, whose book finally brought this concept into sharp focus for me.

4) Steve Dannenman has had more success in NLHE tournaments since last summer. This is a results-oriented business and the guy can obviously play. My read on him was off, but I still do not understand his move against the asian kid.

5) I’m now playing poker for a living. I’m only happy to report that I feel perfectly fulfilled so far.

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