I’m still recovering from my two day whirlwind in the $2000 Pot Limit tournament. I took a lot of notes and my buddy Matt took a lot of pics, so i’ll write great rundown of the whole thing when i’ve got my head straight.

Right now, I’m proud of finishing 12th. More specifically, I’m proud of making no mistakes through 17 hours of poker, proud of only having to win 2 coin flips the whole way, proud of one very difficult call, proud of running an unlikely bluff on Men Nguyen, and proud to have cashed in my first two WSOP tournaments.

But i’m also bitterly disappointed. Disappointed that I came so close and couldn’t close the deal. And disappointed that I got outplayed on a very crucial hand. It’s been haunting me. Out, out damn spot!

My plan for today is to skip the $2500 Shorthanded event, and play the $500 second chance tournament. Then tomorrow I’ll get back to business in the $2000 No Limit event.

And here’s a pic of me after moving all in vs. Men the Master Nguyen (thanks Matt):

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet.

  1. Congrats on a strong finish! I still say you should have called him “Ming the Master” — that’s the sort of mind games poker is all about! But you got the job done aginst him, so no harm no foul. ;^)

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