alive and scratchin’ after Day 2.

Hey all

I made it through day two with 62,100 chips. This is a fairly short but still workable stack.

At the outset, nothing went right today. I was card dead for a shocking period of time, plus my postflop play was horrible. I was down to around 14k on two occasions after dinner, but I scratched and clawed my way back into contention like a cornered alley cat. Reeeeeeeeowwwwwww!!

The entire field will be in the same room for Day 3 on Friday.

4 thoughts on “alive and scratchin’ after Day 2.

  1. He’s on the board. Go to the results for Aug. 1. Those are the results for Day 2a (which Dragonball is in). The Aug. 2 page is Day 2b. Tomorrow they will combine the two groups for Day 3.

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