Hey everyone. I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I did that two week stint of hardcore preparation for the football season, and then I went down to the Borgata to play in the $2500 NLHE prelminary WPT event. Alas, I only made it through half the field before busting on an ill-fated bluff.

Now it’s back to internet play and writing final installment of my 2006 WSOP saga.

4 thoughts on “Greetings.

  1. David….I emailed you. Had a quick question about a poker tourney Im playing in. Wanted your advice. Check out your email when you get a chance. Hope all is well….football ROCKS!! Im a giant fan though…sorry pal…lol…ttyl

    ~Dicky magz

  2. Question of the day. Lets say you are dealt a pair of jacks in a heads up match. The pot has 1000 in it and you have 4k behind. (blinds are 100 200 and you are on button and made it 1000 total. Your opponent goes all in for “x amt” You are given information that he only would go all in with aa kk qq jj or ak. What pot odds do you need for you to call the bet?

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