After the Panic: Pretending I’m Broke.

After I found out about the new anti-poker legislation a week ago today, I joined many of my brethren by withdrawing nearly all my money from my poker site accounts.

The dust has now settled a bit, and the prevailing sentiment is good. General consensus is that online poker will continue to exist, with the only big change being that funding online poker accounts without the use of a mediary will cease in nine months. This is definitely good news.

As for me, after making my withdrawal, I was left with a meager $200 in my Pokerstars account. Rather than make a new deposit to replentish the account, I decided to run a little experiment: Try to run the $200 up to $1500 or more as quickly as possible. So far, I’ve been multitabling $25 sit ‘n gos and I’m up to around $750.

This is probably a huge waste of time (I have no chance of making a sizeable score), but I figured that grinding it out would be sorta fun in its own way. Also, my experiment might give me a valuable refresher in basic sit ‘n go strategy.


2 thoughts on “After the Panic: Pretending I’m Broke.

  1. I watched it live. It was quite impressive. After watching him win 3 sng in a row just completly dominating the tables.
    I asked while watching his next sng “Do you ever lose?” as he flipped over 10 2 offsuit after going all in and getting called. “Yeah see” he replied as he saw his oppenents ak suited.
    Guy hits tops pair and sugar d gets two more duckies and bubbles the guy.
    fun stuff

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