Pokerstars staying, Neteller leaving (soon).

About a week ago, online poker players got some very good news. Pokerstars, which in my opinion is the highest quality online poker site, announced that they would continue to service US-based customers. In their announcement, Pokerstars stated that poker is a game of skill rather than chance and thus outside the reach of the legislation.

But today, some bad news came across: Neteller, the largest, most reliable offshore intermediary, announced that they would voluntarily comply with the new anti-gaming law once the law’s regulations are established.

For now, it is business as usual for Neteller and the players. But sometime in the coming months, Neteller will close its doors to us, and that is a big deal.

What will happen? Likely, some other smaller entities that are more comfortable with the risks involved will step into the breach. But will players like me feel comfortable using these alternate intermediaries? And will it scare off a high percentage of the US players and dry up the action? I guess we’ll see. But this news is ugly.

One thought on “Pokerstars staying, Neteller leaving (soon).

  1. i think replacements for neteller like my citadel will work out just fine — i have been reading your thoughts on the gambling ban and didnt think u would be as concerned as you are…. even if poker isnt exempted due to it being a game of skill, it appears that sites like full tilt, ub, bodog, and stars will still serve us (those 4 being enough on their own) and i believe that there will still be many bad players online, along with many new players joining too — i hope i am not being too optimistic

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