Welcome to the Bubble.

I just experienced my first horrible bubble. I finished 34th out of 328 players in the $2000 NLHE tourney at Foxwoods today. The top 30 got paid. I played about 11 hours of poker and have nothing to show for it. It hurts.

I stayed true to my game, which means press all edges and don’t be afraid to gamble. But i’ll be damned if what just happened to me doesn’t feel awful–like a punch to the stomach. This profession can be a very disheartening.

I’m gonna sleep it off and play some serious cash games tomorrow. Until then just call me Mr. Bubble.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bubble.

  1. You know what Snoop Doggy Dog always said…

    Blitch can’t swim, she bound to drizown!

    Keep your head up kid, from my understanding of it all, you will experience as many of these as you will wins, and bad beats, and reverse bad beats, etcetcetc.

  2. Welcome to my world. I’ve bubbled my last 5 $10 sit-n-gos. Doing the math…just 195 more of those and my pain will be comparable to yours.

  3. Just stay positive, try and learn as much as you can from every experience, and always believe in yourself as many of us already do.

  4. Obviously I feel your pain, David. I’m sure it hurt you going out on the bubble more than me at WSOP, as PokerStars paid my entry fee. Keep your head up and keep playing YOUR game! I know first hand you got game!

    Best of luck,
    Todd Teague.

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