The Gang’s All Here!

Hello from the Bahamas.  So far there’s been no poker; Janeen and I are just chillin’.  Atlantis is a really nice place–it has all the benefits of the Caribbean (beautiful weather, slow pace) without any of the drawbacks (lousy infrastructure, horrible service).  My first day of the WPT event is tomorrow.

I have only one interesting to say right now.  This is the closest thing there is to an international online poker convention.  And I’ve gone into some serious detail on this issue before (linky), but WOW, what a motley crew they (we?) are. 

Holy nerd factory.  The Atlantis, which normally doesn’t have any poker, has converted all of its convention space for us.  But most of these kids still would rather play online.  I was only able to get online just now because they just figured out how to get it the internet up and working again.  The massive number of kids multitalbling in the lobby had crashed Atlantis’ WiFi system.

And away we go…. 

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