Neteller = Done Diddley.

For those of you who get your up-to-the-minute poker info from, allow me to inform you that Neteller, the company that facilitates gazillions of dollars in online poker wagering, has put the kibosh on all money trasfers to and from gambling websites.  Here is the transcript of the IM conversation I just had with Neteller’s live support:

David: ok, i understand that no funds my be transferred to or from any gambling websites going forward?
David: i would assume this includes all poker sites
David: ?
David: (for US customers, which i am)
Chris: Correct
Chris: All gambling websites.
David: ok… this drastically reduces my need for Netller… what is the best way for me to withdraw my funds if i do not have a Neteller Card?
Chris: To give you a heads up, we are currently working on some exciting features in which will allow US clients to transfer to more NON-gambling sites
David: ok… well i would be willing to leave some $ in the account, but not the large amounts I have in the past
David: that will no longer be necessary
Chris: With the recent activity, our withdrawal volumes have increased.
Chris: An EFT withdrawal will be taking up to 2 weeks and checks will take up to 6-8 weeks
Chris: That’s fine. Your funds are secure with us and we have no plans on closing
US client accounts
David: there is a limit per EFT withdrawal, correct?
Chris: Correct. it is about $5000 USD per transaction. If the system is not allowing a full $5K just adjust it by $50 and it should work
David: i am concerned that my money will never get to me, i really hope that is not the case
David: i appreciate your responses
Chris: You’re very welcome. You will get your money it may just take some time
David: okay. thank you for your time
Chris: Have a great evening
David: thanks, same to you
Chris: Thank you
David: if u don’t mind
David: can u stay there while i try to sign in?
David: to make sure it is all clear
David: ok, i’m logged in
Chris: Sure can
Chris: Great 🙂
David: all good now
David: thx again… and don’t take my money!!! 😉

This Neteller thing is baaaaaad news.  Get your money out of there now.

In other news, today the Borgata drew something like 1,400 players for the opening tournament of the Winter Open, a $500 NL event.  The quality of play was roughly the same as one might find in a $1.00 tournament on Pokerstars.

I still didn’t cash.

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