Root, Root Root for the Sug Team.

I’ve made it to day two of Event #38, $1500 NLHE.  We’re down to around 180 players out of 2,778, well into the money.  I’ve got a medium/shortish stack of 38,100.

I’ll update this post with more specific information when I get up tomorrow.  Cards are in the air at 2:00 p.m. PST.  It’s been a really nutty tournament for me, I’ve withstood some very nasty hands to somehow stay on my feet at this point. 

This also means that I’m batting a downright silly .500 in WSOP tournaments.  I’ve cashed in half of the ones I’ve entered. 

Sunday Update:  There’s not really much to update.  There are actually 170 players left, and I’m sorta near the middle of the pack.  There were two occasions yesterday where I got into big hands that would have made me a serious force in this tournament and significantly increased my chances to make another massive score.  On one hand I lost a race, and on the second I flopped bottom set when my opponent flopped middle set.  I’ve done well to make it as far as I’ve come. 

I will be moving chips today.

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