Seven Out!

The concept that 07/07/07 would be a lucky day for me was thoroughly disproven in the last few hours (my lucky number is actually six, in case anyone was wondering).

I ran into some really shitty luck in this year’s Main Event.  I will write up my very short-lived experience in the next couple of days (I’ll only need maybe four paragraphs).  For now, all you need to know is that the river hates me.

I’m not terribly disappointed.  I had a big month out here, and I’ll still be playing poker for the next few days.  Plus, I have 5% of Kevin Wright, who is going to take this thing down. 

Anyway, if all my poker months were as successful as my 2007 WSOP, I’d be rich and famous. 

4 thoughts on “Seven Out!

  1. LMAO @ Sherm. He says it well.

    Although I’m sad that you won’t be winning, you gotta feel good about your 2007 WSOP. Congrats!

  2. This is a game of SKILL and LUCK
    You played your cards well You can’t look back It is on to the next event.
    You a having a super month.

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