Like it’s my job.

Hello from what might be the most depressing place on earth on a Tuesday afternoon:  the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City.  I have taken a break from watching wheelchair-bound, toothless geriatrics stare at slot machines to jump online and make an announcement!

I hereby officially announce that I am going to be more focused on poker for the rest of this calendar year.

For the past month or so the only things I have felt like doing are:

-watching football;

– sending (arguably) witty emails to my fantasy football leaguemates; and

-observing the lifeless corpse otherwise known as the New York Mets rot before my eyes.

Now nothing is left of the Mets besides their coffin.  For the past two weeks they were like one of those time lapse photography things where you can see something that was once alive decompose before your eyes (and it was equally nauseating), but now they are just a coffin.  Good riddance!

Football only happens on Sundays (no college ball for me, thanks).  And email is getting boring.

So it is time to do something I haven’t done in quite a while–play some serious freakin’ poker.  Outside of the romantic European getaway that Janeen and I have planned in two weeks, I am going to focus on one thing:  getting serious about kicking people’s asses at the poker table.




First up:  Trump Taj Mahal USPC tourneys.  Not the main event, some other piddley stuff.  Off I go! 

6 thoughts on “Like it’s my job.

  1. If you are still playing at AC tomorrow I know that you will win . Her 90th birthday has to bring you lots of luck. SO Just Do It!!!

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