Large Tournament.

I just busted near the bubble of my third Act 3.  This old guy didn’t know that you’re not supposed to call all in for 10 big blinds with AQ in the late stages of a supersat.  88 no good; adios Sug.

Tomorrow I begin play in my first 10k event that I haven’t either bought directly into (2007 WSOP Main Event) or satellited into online (2005 WSOP, 2006 WSOP Main Event, 2007 WPT Bahamas).  It will also be the smallest field of the five 10k events under my belt (but first place will still be over 1.5 million I’m guessing).  

I assume that I’ll be running across some really dangerous characters, but I am also aware of how poor the play in the supersats has been, and the supersat winners are playing in the Main Event, and many of them stink.  So I really don’t know what I’ll run across.

I do know this:  I’m happy to report that Kevin has been kind enough to volunteer to be the point man for Sugar D Foxwoods WPT updates, so I am going to text him information throughout the day tomorrow, and he will then post that info below this entry as the day wears on. 

Heeeeere we go!

17 thoughts on “Large Tournament.

  1. Testing via Blackberry. Currently at Robs home game, where sums of up to 100 american dollars trade hands per night. Good luck sir, may I get blackberry thumb over the next 4 days from multiple data entries.

  2. Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavy.

    If there are 700 entrants, first prize will be $1.9m and change. Early expectations are 650-750 entrants.

    Root, root, rooting for the Sug team, etc.

  3. Live from Times Square, this is your trusty reporter/data router with the first of many updates. Level #1 has just ended, Dave has taken his 30k chip stack and moved it to 36k. Tablemates Eric Seidel and Amnon Filippi are not pleased. Looks like 235 people are playing on day #1a (there are 2 first days, so expect a total of 450-600 people).

  4. lol – keep up the good work Kevin.

    Amnon Filippi = decent cash game and HORSE player, not the greatest tournament NLHE player from what I’ve seen.

    Eric Who? Oh, you mean that dude who’s most famous for that scene in Rounders? Pfffffffffft.

    TID Mr Zeiters.

  5. Just noticed that the blinds were 25/50 and 30k starting stacks. That’s deep, yo.

    Mr Z earned 120 big blinds in the first level. Have to say that’s pretty good going!

  6. Ok kiddies, 2nd break. Dave has taken his 36k and parlayed it into a 45k stack o’ fun. He says its a pretty frisky table, but the question is, how much of said frisk is he directly creating? If he keeps on adding 20-25% to his stack each break, he will win the WPT crown by Friday night. Well done sir.

  7. Right, I’ve been doing some maths because that’s how nerdtastic I am.

    If there are 500 entries, the prize structure will be as such:

    1 – $1,476,225.50
    2 – $748,640
    3 – $421,110
    4 – $280,740
    5 – $210,555
    6 – $163,765
    7 – $140,370
    8 – $116,975
    9 – $93,580
    10 – $72,524.50
    11 – $67,845.50
    12 – $63,166.50
    13 – $58,487.50
    14 – $53,808.50
    15 – $49,129.50
    16 – $44,450.50
    17 – $39,771.50
    18 – $35,092.50

    and on as thus. Bubble bursts at 50th player and 36-50 get

  8. Break #3. Direct quote….

    ‘Lay down overpair to Seidel lose pot to Amnon psycho failed 3bet bluff = 24k. Only a flesh wound.’

    There ya have it, folks. 24k it is. See you in 90.

  9. Ye of little faith, thinking he wasnt going to get to 35k by the next break. Shame on you all. One last level, and we call it a day! Who knows, maybe Mr Z will report in himself with 1st day analysis….

  10. unfortunately, here is the final update:

    limped pot, i check my option in the big blind with 10-3, flop comes 10-8-3. yayyyyy!

    Amnon has 8-8. shit.

    that’s all she wrote folks. 😦

  11. Ooooooooooof, that sucks man. Why couldn’t the bastards raise?

    Oh well, just have to take down the next big one. GUKPT Main Event London? 😉 I’ve linked you to the details if you’re interested lol.

    Colddeck sir, don’t think you’d ever get out of that one in a limped pot, especially against Mr Fiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    We all know you’re good enough, so go keep up the excellent year.

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