It Ain’t Palm Springs.

What location could be more inspirational than Atlantic City, New Jersey on a chilly Monday in December?

Pretty much anywhere.

But that’s where business is taking me today, to play in the World Series of Poker Circuit stuff at Harrah’s. 

At least there won’t be a long line at the White House Sub Shop.  Hopefully I’ll bring home my first WSOP Circuit cash.

5 thoughts on “It Ain’t Palm Springs.

  1. I know you could be convinced to make the trip to AC solely for that special sub at the White House Sub Shop. Now you will savor that Sub, and Cash in a WSOP Circuit event. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

  2. “O on Dec 10th, 2007 said:

    screw the cash. bring home a bracelet.”


    Uhh…I thought the winners of circuit events get rings?

  3. I just got my 1st WSOP Circuit cash on Sunday…I barely squeaked into the money to make a whopping….$28, woohoo! When I ran into you today I was actually about to head home to take care of some stuff…didn’t play in today’s event, but I’ll most likely be back tomorrow to give it another go. If we somehow end up sitting at the same table, take it easy on me…especially if that table happens to be the final table! 🙂

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