2007 Recap.

Another year has come and gone in my world.  Overall, 2007 was probably the best year I’ve ever had, but there were a lot of highs and lows.  In this blog entry I’m going to give it very short shrift, but I will try to give you the general idea.  Also you will see a lot of close-ups of the upper half of my face.  Here goes.

January:  Inauspicious to say the least.  I go to the Bahamas and get slaughtered at poker.  I’m bored, so I proceed to get slaughtered at craps, too.  I come home annoyed.  I finish off the month by playing a few tournaments at the Borgata Winter Open and I don’t win a dime.  My momentum from late 2006 is officially gone. 

February:  I take trips to Vegas and Puerto Rico but neither one has much to do with poker.  When I do manage to play, I continue to hemorrhage money.  I’m not liking 2007 so far.

March:  I go to the WSOP Circuit at Caesar’s AC and to a Foxwoods WPT event.  And I get slaughtered.  Now more worried than annoyed, I’m starting to think that maybe I suck at poker, and I’m out of reasons for why I’m constantly losing, so I do what any rational person would do:  I decide that I won’t cut my hair until I have a five-figure payday.

By the end of the month, I look like this.

April:  I host a poker tutorial and meet John Starks.  Unfortunately, my poker results still resemble his shooting percentage in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals.  I decide to play a lot of online poker and have mixed results.  Nothing near five figures is happening.  2007 is a big washout so far.  Maybe this no-haircut thing wasn’t a great idea.  Now I look like this:

May:  I manage my first substantive cash of the year, but it amounts to peanuts compared to what any self-respecting poker pro should be making, and it ain’t five figures.  The WSOP is coming up soon, and I’ve been a dismal failure for five full months.  I start to experiment with my game, but the results remain the same.  By the end of May, it is time to head for Vegas for the WSOP, and I am bearing an eerie, uncanny, almost prescient resemblence to the bad guy in the yet-to-be released No Country For Old Men.  Oh dear.

June:  I decide that growing out a long, disgusting, greasy head of hair isn’t enough of a reminder of how much I suck, so I pronounce that June 2007 shall be the “month of reckoning.”  This ensures that I will jump out my window if the month ends without some kind of major score.  I guess it was just the kind of pressure I needed, because that was when it happened.  I final table a WSOP Event, come within a rivered two-outer of winning a bracelet, and I take home a quarter million dollars.  A week or two later, I tack on a second sizeable WSOP cash for good measure.  Poker is easy.  Now I look like this:

July:  Newly shorn, I do absolutely nothing in the WSOP Main Event.  Nevertheless, I’m feeling pretty self-satisfied and smug, so I take a long break from poker.

August:  I go to Turning Stone and play quite well, racking up a bunch of wins in multitable satellites, but I don’t do a whole lot in the preliminary or main events up there.  I’m still playing well, so I decide to make a nice online score as well.  Then football season arrives and I forget all about poker for several weeks while I nerd it up in preparation for my fantasy drafts.

September:  Borgata has another WPT Event.  I never win jack shit at Borgata.  Never ever.  I get slaughtered.

October:  Not much poker happens.  I watch football, go to Europe with Janeen and spend the last week of the month finally getting back to business at Foxwoods with mixed results. 

November:  I make my second big score of the year, finishing second in a preliminary event at the Foxwoods WPT.  What a country.  Man, poker is easy.  Now I look like this (I’m the guy on the left):

December:  Nothing good happens.  That’s okay, I’ve had a great year. 

Which brings us to 2008.  My poker goal for 2008 is pretty simple.  Just come close to replicating 2007.  That shouldn’t be a tough assignment, because poker is an easy game.

7 thoughts on “2007 Recap.

  1. Nothing good happened to you in December????

    Ummm, maybe football related?? You think about it endlessly…

    Still stumped?

    The Jets played well enough to wrangle the 6th draft pick!!!

  2. My SoY, er.. i mean Jets blog entry didn’t go over so big with you guys, so i figured I’d leave December blank to avoid another 12 hour email flare up. 🙂

    PS: SoY is easy.

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