Good News/Bad News at Ceasars.

Good news:  I’m the chip leader with 12 players left in the $500 Event.  Day 2 starts at 2:00 pm.

Bad news:  The chip leader never wins these things (so says Janeen).

Good news:  I’m about to make some more money.

Bad news:  I might miss the Cornell/Penn game tonight.

Good news:  I played well and ran well yesterday.

Bad news:  I am deliriously tired.  Yet I cannot sleep.

That’s it for today’s news.  Think happy thoughts for me, another big cash would be nice.


5 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News at Ceasars.

  1. Go! Fight! Win!

    You’re dynamite, you’re dynamite, you’re tick tick tick tick BOOM dynamite! BOOM BOOM dynamite!

    (there’s a few basketball themed cheers to root you along.)

  2. Go DZ!

    TID sir. We all know you are the best ever. You know it too. So bring it!

    Bear or BARE or whatever, in mind, that it’s 2:30 am here and I’ve been drinking and stuff with my bestest friend for nearly 10 hours.


  3. Nice comeback! Obviously you were able to rebuild your stack after I spoke to you. This shortstack ninja, on the other hand, didn’t battle for very long when it was folded around to me in the hijack with 4 or 5 BBs left and my KQ got called by AQ in the cutoff to seal my doom. I told you about my bad beat that crippled me right before the bubble. It sucks to play for 10/11 hours just to make a few measly bucks (again). I dunno how you do it Dave, but one of these days the Poker Gods will be on my side (I hope) for once…and I will join you at that final table gosh darnit!!! Anyway, enough of my whining. At this time you should be done with the final table, with yet another big win notched under your belt….what else is new. 😛 Wherever you ended up finishing tonight…congrats on another very impressive performance.

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