I’m a Team Player.

I am happy to announce that I have become a client of a new poker agency, Poker Players International (PPI).

East Coast tournament pros have received less publicity and fewer sponsorship opportunities than our Vegas-based counterparts, and PPI’s aim is to fill that void.  I was instantly interested in joining PPI’s ranks when Gene Castro, the company’s founder, approached me in December to gauge my interest.  A phone conversation with co-founder Randy Kasper sealed the deal for me a week later.   

I am grateful that Gene and Randy have elected to make me a member of “Team PPI Elite,” the group of players who will initially serve as the face of the company.  I am honored to be placed in this group, alongside some of the best players on the circuit.  I am excited about the opportunity that PPI offers me, as self-promotion is really not my strong suit (despite the existence of this blog!).  

Oh, and it seems that starting a poker agency makes you run gooooot:  Both Gene and Randy won events in the first week of the 2009 Borgata Winter Open.  Congrats guys!

You can check out PPI’s website here:  Poker Players International

6 thoughts on “I’m a Team Player.

  1. u r a tool…..i have a trivia question for u….name a ppi member who moves all in with 2 3 suited..when a 2 is accidentally exposed…..

  2. yeah that was a special sit n go session. can’t someone make dumb mistakes once in a while? i wish i had noticed that deuce exposed before doing that. DOHHHH. GAAADDDZOINKSSSS!!!!! 😥

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