Poised for a Big Score?

After two grueling days of poker, I’m headed to the final table of the Main Event of the Caesar’s AC WSOP Circuit tomorrow.  The final table is stacked with accomplished pros and it will be tough sledding.  I’m fifth in chip going in.  First place is $322,000.  

Pokenews.com and Pokerpages.com will have continuous updates for those of you keeping score at home. 

Let’s see if Sug D can rip one of these things down!

8 thoughts on “Poised for a Big Score?

  1. Good luck tomoro …I’ve been following several bloggers thru the torny…tough table with ab as chip leader…good luck from nyc

  2. so sick, just checked pokerpages to see chip counts for this event and the final table lineup, cant say i was too suprised to see u in the mix:) gl today and more importantly no bad luck, take it down!!

  3. first of all, nice run kid…u played great at the Wynn 500 and easily could have ripped that down if I didn’t cooler you 3 handed. Thanks for the kind words. Great job in the 5k too. For someone who doesn’t play nearly as much as me or the other east coast regulars, you obviously haven’t skipped a beat. I knew after seeing who made that final table that it would come down to the deck as there wasn’t many holes at that table. Vizza was all in for this tourney against me w/ AK vs my QQ and got there late in day 1. I busted shortly thereafter after Bolotin’s J10 outran my KQ. It wasn’t my day or yours obviously but things could definitely be worse. Great run and thanks for the shoes again! LOL… I think you should def play the Borgata deep stack but the way you’re running I wouldn’t exactly mind if you missed it either!!! see you soon….


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