Snuggie, Baby, Pup, Mets.

No poker at all going on in these parts, but the blog is starting to get neglected. Life update, for those keeping score at home:

Snuggie Fest 2009 was a big success. About thirty Snug-a-maniacs braved the cold and rain and got sloshed. We got written up in Time Out New York, the Village Voice, and Gothamist. And we were interviewed for a segment that will supposedly air next week on CNBC.

I’m an uncle again! My sister gave birth to Zia Victoria Mellor on April 13th! She’s a cute little peanut.

Zia and Ezra!

Zia and Ezra!

I managed to get invited to the New York Mets’ annual welcome home dinner, where Matt and I purposely focused on collecting pictures with the club’s B-list employees while everyone else clamored to get player autographs. Brilliant!

Ruthie is a huge pain in the ass but is adorable. Here she is looking somewhat forlorn in her cone after getting fixed.

I went to CitiField to witness the finished product last night. There’s been a lot of bitching and moaning about the new stadium amongst fellow Mets fans, and I have no idea what sort of bug has crawled up these peoples’ asses. It’s a fantastic place to watch a ballgame. It looks, feels and is nothing like our old beloved dumphole, Shea Stadium, which is now a parking lot. The Mets won, but no one was really there to see a ballgame.

My next poker action is still a week away, at Mohegan Sun.  I’ll be chasing a puppy around until then.

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