0 for 10!

No matter how thoroughly you rationalize it and no matter how many poker euphemisms about variance, running bad, etc. etc. you apply, going 0 for 10 in live tournaments plays games with your psyche.  There is nothing you can do to avoid feeling shitty about a stretch like the one I’m currently on.  “Hapless” is a good descriptor.  

A streak like this is also way easier to digest on the east coast.  When I brick a bunch of tourneys in Jersey or Connecticut I can just bail out, get in my car, zoom home and mope there.  At the WSOP that’s not an option.  All  can do is reload and try again the next day.    

There is some much-needed good news, however.  Last night, after meeting a couple of friends for a beer (hi Mr. and Mrs. Ult!) I played a desperation sit ‘n go and took the entire thing down (actually I chopped for 4/5 of the money), cutting my Vegas deficit fully in half.  A major shot in the arm for both my bankroll and my sanity.

I’m taking today off and might go to the Hoover Dam.

10 thoughts on “0 for 10!

  1. Oh shit. I’m sure the fields are getting tougher at these things, you only have to see the amount of posts these tourneys get on 2p2 compared to 2 years ago. However, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t make a deep run in at least one event this year. You’re at least capable of adjusting your game.

    Congrats on the big SnG win. Without meaning this to sound the wrong way, it must have been a pretty decent sized SnG. Nice one!

  2. I hear you chopped another SNG last night and are on your way to destroying today’s field at the Rio. Go get em.

  3. Yay! This confirms what I’ve always believed: Beer Desperation Poker = Pure Profit. Or is that being results-oriented?

  4. nice job on the sng, gl grinding them today, probably a good way to reduce variance and keep your confidence up,,,i’ve been reading a lot of pro blogs and many people havent cashed yet, so much variance, keep playing your A game and good things will happen

  5. Thinking of you as I try to get gas out of Zia. Satisfaction when one comes, just to try to win another one and get smiley baby once and for all. Wishing you many satisfactory moments in Vegas ahead and we miss you! ox

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