Decent Week.

My week:

-Vacationed with Janeen and Ruthie on Block Island.  We relaxed in the sun on some beautiful beaches and watched our puppy go totally bonkers in the sand and surf.

-Parted ways with the ladies and took a ferry to New London CT.  Reported to Mohegan Sun to play the 2k Main Event.  Discovered it had a huge overlay.

-Won the tournament (actually I chopped but I signed for first and got the trophy, etc.).

It was my second biggest score ever.  I won a huge pot at the start of the final table that gave me a massive chip lead, then I applied just enough pressure from there to maintain it.  The tourney whittled its way down to myself and three excellent players, and we quickly agreed to an equity chop.  I got 136 grand.

Remember when I said that being short stacked is like having puny genitals?  Well actually winning one of these tournaments feels like this:

*not safe for work or people who don’t like songs about penises.


Ship it.

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