I’ve spent most of the past ten days playing cards in a dingy basement called Foxwoods.  I’ve been sick with some kind of persistent cold the entire time.  Sleep has been difficult to come by and I’ve felt distracted and out of focus for much of this trip.  I’m not playing as well as I can; I’ve made some marginal decisions that have cost me in a couple of spots.

None of this would matter much if I’d been running good, which I traditionally do at DumpWoods (the only thing that makes the place tolerable).  Alas, my luckbox has deserted me.  I’ve done nothing in the MTTs I’ve played.  I am having my typical success in sit ‘n go’s, which is keeping my bottom line from looking too ugly.

I’ll be focusing my energy on winning a main event seat for the remainder of my time here, and if I fail to achieve that, at least I can leave!

5 thoughts on “FoxBox.

  1. maybe you can turn this post into some sort of endorsement deal:

    ‘whatever happens in foxwoods stays in foxwoods . . . because it’s such a shit hole that nobody wants to go back again’

    or something snappy along those lines

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