I Get Deep I Get Deep I Get Deep…

Apologies to those who aren’t into classic house tracks, I’m not stuttering.

Anyway, I’m in the process of making my first deep run in a WSOP prelim in something like three years.  I come into Day 3 of Event #42 sitting 10th out of 25 in chips.  I have a realistic shot of competing for the $600k first place prize and the bracelet.  I’m slightly disappointed because I held the chip lead with around 30 players left, but an unfortunate (and probably ill-advised) four bet jam into QQ with AQs took care of that.  I still have a playable stack and a solid table draw.  Running good would help.

I’m really tired right now; I never can sleep the night before I play for this kind of cash.  Adrenaline will carry me.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a picture to share of me looking wore out but gripping a WSOP bracelet.

Cards in the air at 2:30 PST.

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