Pillaging in La La Land.

In a fortuitous turn of events, I final tabled both of the LAPC Events I played, a $300 NLHE event and a $500 shootout.  The first was chopped four ways and the other was an outright win that came after a four-way saver was agreed to.  These scores came in at a little over 20k each, making this quick jaunt to California wildly profitable.  My lifetime ROI in LAPC Events sits at roughly a gazillion.

oooh, a watch.  ohh, a horse!

oooh, a watch. ohh, a horse!

It’s very satisfying to go back-to-back in two tournaments, and even more satisfying to engineer a sort of surgical strike where I show up for three days, grab $40,000 and split town.  I ran really good in these tourneys, especially the shootout.  I got it in bad for all the chips twice and got there both times.  Easy game.

I have some thoughts I want to share regarding making deals late in tournaments (mostly relating to my inability to refuse them), but I’m way too tired right now.  I’m at the airport waiting to board a flight back to Chitown.  Next stop, Hammond!


Bye-bye La La Land!  Thanks for the moneys.

7 thoughts on “Pillaging in La La Land.

  1. First use of ‘pillaging’ I’ve ever seen that wasn’t preceded by ‘raping and.’ Good work, kid. Come on out to Bay 101 for the shooting star one of these days.

  2. Yay!!! Awesome job. Next goal should be to win the $5,000,000 guarantee Sunday Million so you’ll have a Lamborghini to keep your horse in.

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