In The Market For A Minivan…

Since I’m no longer in denial of this fact, I’d like to announce that Janeen and I are expecting our second child!

This took us both by complete surprise.  Without getting into the gory details, let’s just say that I was unaware that having another kid this quickly was even biologically possible.  Oops?  I recently learned (from more than one person) that the term of art for this situation is “Irish Twins,” but in Brooklyn we call producing babies at this pace Hasidic.

We are not Hasids.

We always wanted two (and only two), so in the end this will be just fine.  In the meantime I imagine everything’s gonna be little hectic.  That Janeen was convinced that one or both of us was infertile while we were trying to get her knocked up the first time adds a touch of irony to the situation.  I guess all of our reproductive parts are working just fine. Perhaps a little too fine.

Number Two is due in February of 2012, which means that a full babyless calendar year will separate Ivy and the noob.  So there’s that.  The due date is February 5th, which happens to be Super Bowl Sunday.  And yes, the first thing that sprung to mind was that I’d be faced with quite a conundrum if the Jets got there.

A second baby could force us from our already-cramped apartment and could portend a partial career change for me, but I’m choosing not to worry about those things just yet.  Overall, Janeen and I are very happy with the hand life has dealt us (we have suited broadway cards) and are looking forward to the arrival of The Deuce!

And now here’s a video of Ivy laughing at a tiny stuffed dog!


7 thoughts on “In The Market For A Minivan…

  1. Great News. Hope Janeen is feeling well. As a wise old man use to say COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS> Soon you will be added another. “This is the Life” Congrads AA

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