David Suffers Rain Shortened Loss

My least favorite kind of result in baseball is a rain-shortened game. They play six innings, one team leads by two runs, and the skies open. So they put the tarp on the field, the players retreat to the clubhouse, everyone waits around for three hours, someone consults with the weatherman, and finally the umpires cancel the remainder of the game, awarding a win to the team with the lead.

Today, for the first time, I experienced the online equivalent of a rain-shortened loss. I was chugging along in two tournaments when my internet connection went out. I thought it might be the typical hiccup and waited for my connection to be restored. Then I realized that my TV had shut down as well. Not good. A frantic call to the cable company accomplished nothing. I went downstaris and my doorman confirmed the bad news: my entire building had no cable service.

FU Time Warner. Going to my bathroom, dropping $175.00 in the toilet and watching it swirl away would have been more pleasant.

It occurred to me during this episode that I have no “poker friends,” no one I can phone in this kind of situation so that they can log onto my accounts and finish the tournament(s) for me. Anyone wanna be my poker friend?