Whoopin’ Stick Deployed.

I made the final table of Event #12, 6-Handed No Limit.  To say i’m giddy is an understatement.  The official chip counts have not been posted yet, but I’m in good shape and feel comfortable against the five other final tablists.  I have a real shot at taking this thing down.

I really dominated today, it was sweet.  Send some good vibes my way tomorrow, it’s a big day for me.

-DZ   🙂

PS:  Haircut when I get back to NYC.

13 thoughts on “Whoopin’ Stick Deployed.

  1. The Hair is going to be cut. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Awesome D!!!
    WTG we all knew you could do it. I followed the whole thing and you played great.
    Now bring home the Braclet
    Here is the chip count:

    Jason Warner 945,000
    David Zeitlin 899,000
    Brian Miller 831,000
    David Mitchell-Lolis 736,000
    Steve Olek 484,000
    Matt Brady 381,000

    For those who want to follow Sugar d go to :


    They will be doing Hand by Hand at 5:00pm EST

    Are you going to be on TV?

  2. As the person who ‘talked’ him into playing this event, and the junkie who has sweated him most of the last two days, let me tell everyone reading this blog how well this fine gent has been playing. Obviously you need to poker well to reach a final table, but, wow, this guy is playing in a whole other world. Sick, sick, sick. He doesn’t need good luck to win this baby, he just needs to stay out of bad luck. Time to get famous Mr Z, cherish this day…..

  3. Dave, this is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m so psyched for you. Even more exciting that the final table is only 6 players in this tourney . . . you are only 5 away from that very special bracelet. Best of luck!

  4. Zeit, Kevin and I were watching online … you played amazingly– it was like you could see through his cards. The poker gods were not smiling on you, but we are duly impressed and know that it is just a matter of time before you take home a gaudy gold bracelet. Congrats on your fine playing and your terrific second-place finish.

    oh yes … 10% …. wheeeee

  5. Wait a sec — carrie and kevin get 10% and I don’t? WTF is that?

    Congratulations, Zeit — awesome showing.

    On a serious note, though, could you do me a favor and request that they run these tournaments a bit earlier? If they could run them on EST instead of PST, that would be really helpful. I was up till 12:30 last night hitting the refresh button! (which doesn’t sound bad, but I’m up at 6am today to go diving). Also, if you see the folks from pokernews.com (thanks for that link, lee!), please tell them to do a better job updating their blog! The guy who came in 3rd was eliminated, and then it was like 30 minutes before they updated again to tell us there was a break. Don’t they know that they should post that there’s a break at the beginning of the break and not the end of it??!?!? They did that like 3 times! Idiots.

    So as I said, please have the poker world make these changes for my convenience.

    Oh, and GET A HAIRCUT ALREADY, you long haired hippie!

  6. Wow Wee The best 50 bucks we ever spent. The exitement here was was loud and unbelievable. You really are incredible as though you really do see the cards.

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