The good:  I won a quarter million dollars.

The bad:  I suffered the beat of a lifetime.  Literally.

I’m very happy with my performance and my bottom line.  🙂

I’ll be flying home in a couple of hours and I have much more to say about my day yesterday.  Thanks to everyone for their support, reading your comments, emails and texts made me really happy.


15 thoughts on “Wow.


  2. Fantastic, Amazing, Impressive, Huge accomplishment, and a great payday on top of it. Way to Go!!! No doubt that the bracelet will come eventually, and this huge win should help you get there! congrats! I think you should shave your head after this one!

  3. I played with David immediately on my right most of the evening on Thursday and on Friday during the $1500 short handed event. He busted me in 35th place when he slow played AA from the small blind and I pushed all in from the big blind. You folks are obviously his friends. You should know that David is an extremely talented poker player with many more big wins in his future. David knows how to work a big stack, manuever with a small stack, and play skillfully after the flop (hard to find these days with all the internet push-bots). Although he got lucky making a full house on the turn when his opponent flopped a straight to chip up, it was just brutal to lose a two outer on the river for the bracelet and the win. David was clearly the best player at the final table. He is also kind to everyone he meets, and takes his losses and bad beats like a gentlemen. I look forward to having the aces next time 🙂

    Nice work David. See you at the Main Event.

  4. congrats david!
    just heard the news, have to tell you, wasnt that suprized when i heard how far youve gotten…
    youre gonna be #1 one day soon, be proud!!!!!

  5. Is this a family oriented blog? Just in case it’s not…

    God-damn fuckin’ sweet. Woot x 1 million-stomptillion.

    I recommend the barber shop at El Cortez downtown.

  6. Good work dude. And to think, I remember when Mike “The Super” would bust you for a couple of hundy a night. Anyway, it is good to see that your hard work and patience paid off. Keep it up.

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