Freakin’ Borgatz…

I haven’t posted anything to this blog in over two weeks for a simple reason:  this is supposed to be a blog about poker, and I just finished a long poker hiatus. 

During my layoff I was completely obsessed with the start of the NFL football season.  Over the last two weeks, I spent an unnatural percentage of my waking hours studying team and player projections for 2007.  I then made a series of proposition bets based on those projections.  I can’t help but view the football season as a big challenge.  I love the game and know that I will spend much of the next five months watching it, and my instinct is to try to turn it into a moneymaking venture.

I am now in Atlantic City to play in the Borgata Open.  As I’ve mentioned before, I never ever win jack shit at Borgata, so I’m hopeful but not exactly happy to be here.  This trip is off to a predictable start:  true to form, I didn’t last two levels in today’s $500 event.

I’ll get you yet, Borgata!

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