Guerilla Marketing.

With the current lull in poker action worth updating, I thought this might be a nice time to mention that my website is being advertised for the very first time.

The images you have just viewed are of friend of Matthew Catapano sporting the very first t-shirt (yes, that is me depicted in the second shot and on the t-shirt).

Actually the term “friend of” might be a bit of a misnomer, and that t-shirt is not so much an advertisement as a not-very-subtle shot at me. In truth, ever since I began this website Matt has mercilessly made fun of me for it. His patented way of doing this is to say “dear blogisphere!” in a wistful, high-pitched tone anytime the subject arises. The implication, I think, is that blogs are for pretentious teenage girls, not middle aged men. Matt apparently does not believe that my daily doings are worthy of international broadcast, which is a decent point.

Still, the incredible irony of Matt’s derision should not be lost on anyone who knows him. This is because Matt calling someone else an attention whore is hilarious. You see, to say that Matt is an attention whore would be doing that term a grave injustice. Matt is no mere attention whore; he has raised the art of attention-grabbing to an art form. Amongst Matt’s favorite pastimes, in no particular order:

-growing out odd anachronistic hairdos;

-yelling “makeout session!” into the faces of all liplocked strangers;

-persistent use of alternative modes of transportation. These change nearly yearly and get progressively more bizarre. He currently rides a pea green Vespa around New York City;

-wasting an alarming amount of time on MySpace and Facebook;

-dressing up like an elf for the entire month of December.

There’s much more, but that gives you a general outline of what we’re dealing with. Oh, by the way: Matt is no spring chicken, he’s about to celebrate his 35th birthday.

Now that I’ve ripped him a new one, let me stop to say that Matt is my oldest friend in the world and we’ll always be boys. I am not afraid to admit that I’ve happily joined him in my share of infantile shenanigans, and there are doubtless many more to come. I’ll also reluctantly admit that I’ve passed on some of the infantile shenanigans because I just don’t have Matt’s balls (Matt was born without a sense of shame and never developed one to speak of, I cannot claim the same). So no offense buddy, it’s just that the time for retribution for “dear blogisphere” has arrived!

Also, I am fine with the free advertising.

Happy 35th birthday to my VP of Marketing, Matt Catapano.

6 thoughts on “Guerilla Marketing.

  1. The pose is highly effective; the warmth of Matt, all pipes, traps and delts, just dying to give that pesky shirt the Hulk Hogan treatment….the gun show is in full effect! Who wants some! PS: When did Matt get promoted?

  2. It is comforting to see that Matt never changes. That’s why we love him. BTW: I am still available for late night rides to Taco Bell. Love you guys!

  3. dear blogisphere,

    I can’t hide my excitement for my first entry onto ‘the board!’

    It’s refreshing to log on and not be lectured about “the fundamentals of tournament No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em,” or long ruminations about short stack, half stack or megastacks, runnin AKs into AAs while shvitzing the turn or river.

    It is an honor to be part of the internet elite! so thanks for all the memories

    Forever you VP of Marketing

    Matt C

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