Quite the Daily Double?

What are the odds of the two most momentous personal events in your lifetime occurring on consecutive days? 

If you’re me, your odds (while still miniscule) just became higher than most.  The buzz in the poker world right now is about Harrah’s decision to move the WSOP Main Event’s final table to November, several months after the rest of the tournament is completed.  The reason they’re doing this is obvious:  to market the crap out of the final table and its participants and build yet more hype around the tournament.  The drawbacks are also fairly obvious:  the amateurs that make the final table can spend months prepping, thereby leveling the playing field, collusion will become a greater possibility, and of course what if someone dies in the interim?!

For me, the most interesting fact about the new final table date is that it’s the day after my wedding.  So in the extremely unlikely event that I make the final table, Janeen and I will become instant celebrities and the world will undoubtedly follow along as I hightail it out of Chicago the morning after my own wedding to go become a millionaire.  The ESPN camera crew will be a welcome addition to the reception.  😉

8 thoughts on “Quite the Daily Double?

  1. It also raises the question– what happens to all the unpaid tournament money in the interim? The interest on the final table prize money over the course of 4 months is easily a couple hundred thousand.

    With the scheduled date of the day after your wedding, Zeit, you have no choice but to win this year.

  2. I actually know the answer to that question. Here’s how it’s going to work. When they reach the final table, the final nine players will receive 9th place money. The remainder of the prize pool will be placed in an interest-bearing account and the final table participants will receive their pro rata share as they bust out on November 9th.

  3. that makes sense– esp. distributing the 9th place money day of. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you at that table in November!

  4. Here’s to hoping Norman Chad and Lon McEachern make a guest appearance at your wedding. 🙂 I hope the pros outweigh the cons for delaying the final table until November. I guess we’ll see.

    BTW – how is Harrington’s book on cash games? I would think that he would be more of an authority on tournaments than cash games for the obvious reasons. Never heard much about his cash game prowess. I’m sure it still doesn’t hold a candle to Sklansky’s “Hold Em for Advanced Players” (which I have yet to finish reading).

  5. Yo Felix, I am almost done with Harrington on Cash Vol 1. It hasn’t said too much that I wasn’t already aware of, but it’s still pretty good. Maybe Vol 2. will be more complex. You’re free to borrow them once I’m finished.

  6. Cool, maybe I will borrow them when you’re done. Thanks dude. I read Harrington’s Vol. 1 on Strategic Play a long time ago….but never got around to picking up Vol. 2 “The Endgame”. Maybe that’s why I keep ‘pulling a Felix’, and just squeak into the money all these times instead of pulling a Sugar D and taking down the whole darn thing….lol.

    I think Negreanu is coming out with his book on advanced play in the near future….that should be a good one too…

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