Munchkins, anyone?

I finished Day 1 of the 2008 Main Event with 37,150 chips.  This is a decent stack but nothing special.  We’re still nowhere near the money, but at least I’m still in there.  I play Day 2b on Wednesday.

I guess I didn’t exactly make the donuts.  More like a couple of delicious donut hole munchkins.  I’ll take it.



9 thoughts on “Munchkins, anyone?

  1. Cool hangin out with ya last night bro….sorry about fallin asleep here and there…lol. At least the parts where I was awake were fun. You should’ve seen me outside while waiting for a cab, I was leaning on a pillar and dozing off while I was standing up. Gordon took some pics of me in my drunken sleeping stupor. I’m gonna have to steal his phone at some point to get rid of those. I guess that’s what lack of sleep and too much alcohol can do to ya. Good luck today man….I’m rootin’ for ya.

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