I was unable to make the donuts.  This was a vexing, unpleasant Day 2.  And it’s probably the last time I’ll use “make the donuts.”   I hope you enjoyed it; it’s now retired.

As in past years, I will provide a full writeup of the Main Event, so stay tuned.  


3 thoughts on “Mushed.

  1. Sorry to hear it, I was really hoping I’d have the chance to watch you from the sidelines this weekend. All the blogs on Days 1 and 2 I’ve read make me appreciate how much blind luck plays a hand in these things. AA cracked by a flopped set of 9s; a flopped set cracked by the miracle straight on the river. Seems like every year many of the biggest names in poker get knocked out in the first day or two of the main event. Meanwhile, some special education teacher from Ohio finished day 2 with 800,000 in chips.

    That’s what makes the WSOP great from the standpoint of the average joe, and probably frustrating for the pros — sure, the pros are better players and have an edge, but a couple of lucky hands and anyone can be a contender no matter who they’re up against.

  2. This shows once again that regardless of the players skill level, one needs to NOT be unlucky at key points during the tournament to score. The SUG D good luck will soon return.

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