Poker? Hardly Know Her.

I’m writing this entry to confirm something I already know:  I’ve played very little poker since the WSOP ended.

The beginning of my hiatus could be explained away as a break.  And boy did I need a break after the WSOP.  But the last month or two so is more difficult to decipher.  I think each of the following has been a factor:

-I’ve had a litany of chores clogging my schedule, leaving me with very few of the requisite multi-hour blocks of unoccupied time;

-I’m still not really comfortable in my new “office;” and

-I’m resigned to posting so-so results for 2008, so my desire to play poker has abandoned me;

I don’t know which of these is the dominant factor, but I do know that I haven’t spent much time at all playing cards of late.  In particular, I’ve played almost no online poker.  Playing online currently feels like more of a hassle than anything else.  On my recent trips to play live poker, I’ve found that my game (and will to succeed) remains as sharp as ever, but in my limited attempts to play online sessions, I’ve been bored and distracted.  Replacing my usual long online sessions are activities previously foreign to me:  helping to furnish an apartment, helping plan a wedding, exploring a new neighborhood, jogging.    

Another noteworthy fact is that football season has arrived, and I watch or study football for around 15 hours per week.  In both 2006 and 2007, I had amassed enough poker winnings by the time fall arrived to rest on my laurels.  This year I have not, but my behavior hasn’t changed.

I’m sure this is a temporary condition, but I don’t know when the malaise will end.  On the plus side, the rest of my life is more orgainzed than ever!  

All right, I’m off to color coordinate my sock drawer.  Later!

3 thoughts on “Poker? Hardly Know Her.

  1. No wcoop? Thought for sure a 10 million prize pool would get your attention. come play a sng with me and take my money it will make you feel better about your game its sooooeasy

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