Seismic Shift A-Comin’.

The final days of my betrothal are in sight.  The last phase was strange indeed.  Journeys to Home Depot and quarreling on nuptial topics ruled the day.  Now it is time to get down to brass tacks; two business trips to take with an ancient Spartan tradition sandwiched between.  And then the conjugal period shall commence.

Loosely translated:  Our apartment is fully furnished and our wedding planning is about done.  Janeen and I have survived, but not without bickering over topics of vital importance such as the wording of our wedding program and the color of my cummerbun.  Soon I’ll be traveling to Vegas for a multipurpose trip; first comes a few poker tournmanets, and then my bachelor party.  If I survive the bachelor party, I will return to the East Coast and immediately report to Connecticut for tournaments at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.  And then I will get married and whisk the bride off to South America.

If I kept a calendar, I would happily tell you that it’s packed!

3 thoughts on “Seismic Shift A-Comin’.

  1. When are you coming back to poker? We miss seeing the Z man at the tables!! 😦 Heard that Vinny saw you at Bellagio. Guess we’ll see you next week at Foxwoods/ Mohegan?

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