Back in Gear?

In my first tournament back from hiatus (okay, I’m not including Mohegan Sun), I made yesterday’s final table of the $1k event at Harrah’s.  Pretty nice, but I finished with a thud.

In one respect I am very happy, because I managed to finesse my way there.  I never had a commanding stack at any point in the entire tournament.  I also survived a really nasty rivered two-outer that left me crippled just before the bubble and rebuilt everything from there.

On the other hand, the final table itself was very disappointing.  I came in 6th in chips, and despite drawing the worst seat at the table, I felt confident that I could find some good spots and do some damage.  The lineup of players who made it there wasn’t too impressive.  Still, it didn’t happen for me.  I held nothing but dirt the entire time, lost the first significant pot I played, then waited a long time to get my money in.  When I looked down and saw two kings, I reshoved it on pocket tens.  One player announced that he had folded a ten, but that didn’t stop the case diez from falling on the turn.  Even had I won the hand, I’d still be pretty short.  Just not a good day. I finished 8th for $5,300.  So it goes.

That runs my total final tables for the year to five, which is a respectable number considering how much time off I’ve taken.  The bad news is that my gross earnings is a rather paltry number in light of the five final tables.  I’m like the Knish of tournament poker, I guess.

Back to the grind…

3 thoughts on “Back in Gear?

  1. 5 final tables for the amount of time that you’ve played this year is pretty sick, bro. Like Jonathan said, momentum is key and you’re due to take one of these down. 😉

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