Tweet Tweet.

The internet is the greatest and the internet is the worst. 

You can file 93% of the items on the internet (including this website) under “greatest.”  I love the internet as much as the next guy.  Probably more.  Janeen insists that I have a raging case of untreated internet addiction, and she’s probably right.

But not everything on the internet rules.  Under “worst,” please save space for the most recent spate of social networking sites.  What started out as a great system to renew old friendships and possibly create new ones has devolved into a symphony of dimwits spewing their inane stupidities at no one in particular.

I’m talking about Facebook status updates and Twitter.  Until a few minutes ago, I had first hand knowledge of only Facebook status updates.  Where else can you possibly find out what some random guy you went to high school has selected as his top five potted plants?  Where else can you suffer through an unrelenting barrage of semi-coherent political rants from your outwardly quiet, nebbishy co-worker?  Or how about my personal favorite: the opportunity to learn what someone had for lunch?  Fascinating!  Yes, Facebook status updates encourage even the most boring and insipid amongst us to spew forth every hour or two, like millions of Old Faithfuls, geysers of retardation.  Thank you Facebook!

And then there’s Twitter, which boils Facebook (which, to its credit, includes lovely things like places to post pictures, event invitations and the capacity to email each other, etc.) down to just the status updates.  On a few occasions I have marveled at how popular Twitter has become, as it seems to be nothing more than an outlet for attention whores to gather and pretend they have something interesting to say.  What does Twitter’s popularity say about us?  The answer has to be something bad. 

This characterization feels pretty accurate:


But now I’ve joined.  I’ve been told that Twitter is the best way for a tournament poker pro to send chip count/tourney status information along, and I’ve been convinced that the universe of people who actually give a shit about my WSOP tournament progress might be larger than I suspected, so here I am!

Now you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about my climb from 5000 chips to 5600 after Levels 1 and 2 of some random WSOP event!  

It’s not like this blog isn’t generally masturbatory to begin with, right?  Yayyyyy!

Feel free to reply in the comment section with your own Twitter shit if you’d like to “follow” (?) one another.  TWEET!

3 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet.

  1. “The answer has to be something bad.”

    Ahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh…I’m gonna have to have you come in on Sunday…ok…good…yeahhhhhhhh

  2. O – you can link it so your tweets can b/c your facebook updates but not the other way around I don’t think.

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