Sink or Swim.

Tomorrow night I depart for the World Series of Poker.  As everyone knows, this is the make-or-break time of year for tournament pros.  The opportunity for a massive score is always around the corner at the WSOP.  Conversely, the possibility of dusting off a huge portion of my bankroll looms as well.

I’m cautiously optimistic.  Optimistic because I believe I’m playing good poker right now. Cautious because I’ll be tested against the best and also because I could play stupendously and still brick the entire series.

Like last year, I intend to play a pretty full schedule.  Every day will bring a new tournament.  Unlike last year, I am now settled into a home life that includes a wife and our puppy.  I’m not overly excited about leaving for (at least) three weeks, I am going to miss my home life terribly.  One week is my maximum desired time away.  But the WSOP is the WSOP.  This is where the big scores are made.  There ain’t no skipping the WSOP.

As always, I will update this space periodically.  If you’re not satisfied with that then there’s my Twitter spew.

I’m gonna do suckas like this.  Don’t F with meeeee!:


Tech house always wins.  You know this.

 Off to the desert!

9 thoughts on “Sink or Swim.

  1. Im headed to Vegas for the $1500 HORSE on the 14th, so if I don’t see you out there…crush fools, would ya…one MORE time?? Be well sir…

  2. hey wait a minute. foiled!

    i’m officially borrowing a whammy from you. hopefully, it’s your only one.

    you owe me a whammy which i can cash in any time after wsop.

    and i always collect.

    best i can do, bro. g’luck!!!

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