It’s Time to Start the Music…

My 2009 WSOP trip got off to such a slow start that I was starting to wonder.

I arrived here in Vegas late Wednesday night, in time to catch a few hours of sleep before a 1k Thursday event at Caesars.  Then when I showed up for the tournament the next day, something felt off.  The turnout wasn’t what I envisioned, the field was way tougher than a “Vegas in June” field ought to be, and I had to force myself to concentrate.  It was the start of my big trip and I felt tired and uninspired as I sat there watching the cards fly by.  I’m not sure which was more disappointing:  busting out quickly or the realization that I couldn’t muster up much excitement about being out here in the desert right now.

Friday and Saturday came and went without much poker.  I thought a little respite might have a rejuvenating effect, but even after a couple of days away from the grind, the looming Series felt more like a daunting task than something to look forward to.  I had some fun going out at night with Mincash and The Mayor™, but I still didn’t feel right.  It didn’t help that I was working through some legitimate homesickness.  I was mildly depressed, and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get things cranking for the 1k “stimulus special” event, which I played today (Day 1B).

I’m happy to say that my doubts were resolved as soon as I got to the Rio this morning.  Although this is my fifth WSOP, when I walked into the Rio’s convention center area today and found it packed to the gills and literally buzzing with donk chatter– I still got charged up.  It’s our Mecca, period.  As I walked to my table, found my seat and looked around, my mood brightened and I instantly remembered how much I love this stuff.

The tourney didn’t disappoint in most aspects:  it was sold out (6,012 runners!) and the quality of play was comedic.  So much so that it has earned my ultimate stamp of weak field approval:  MUPPET SHOW status!

Here is a sneak peek at what I witnessed when I played cards today:


Unfortunately, when you’re cast in a Muppet Show you will occasionally suffer the indignity of a Muppet beatdown.  And that’s what happened to me in Level 5, when I opened a pot under the gun with QQ and called a Muppet’s massive inexplicable reraise all in.  I wasn’t expecting pocket eights, but that’s what the Muppet turned over. Obviously I had no chance.  Maybe next time.  Next:  Venetian 500 tomorrow, WSOP 1.5k Tuesday.

I’m closing with this great picture of my two favorite ladies.  I miss you guys so much right now.

hi guys!

hi guys!

7 thoughts on “It’s Time to Start the Music…

  1. Sounds like NLH is becoming a bit of a grind…happened to me and I picked up the other games to mix it up…just a thought. Not sure if you dabble in triple draw, or stud 8, etc. Be well sir…

  2. It’s funny — we call bad scuba divers Muppets, and I often play the Muppet Show theme song on the dive boat’s stereo right before we go in for a dive.

    Good luck in the WSOP. Go Kermit on those chumps! (maybe saying go Miss Piggy on them is more appropriate, since she’s more of an ass kicker, but I didn’t think it projects the right image for you)

  3. Whereas the intro to the Muppets is very awesome, I was hoping that we might get a vid you took on your phone of the donks buzzing around the Rio’s convention center area.

    Maybe in the next blog…? 😀

  4. Depressed? not you? Where is that smile? Remember Keep Smiling ! Thatg wise old man knew what he was talking about. Have a great time . You are a big winner already. AA

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