Poker’s Christmas Eve.

The WSOP Main Event starts tomorrow for me.  I have lots of fond memories related to this tournament, particularly from the years I cashed in this behemoth, 2005 and 2006.  Although I don’t get as nervous and worked up as I used to, the night before the WSOP Main Event still feels special.  There is a quiet intensity about this time.  Tomorrow isn’t just another day at the office.

I feel focused and confident  right now, probably because I’ve had a lot of success in the single table satellites I’ve played in the past couple of days.  I expect that I’ll continue making good decisions.  Beyond that all I can do is hope to run good.

Because of the low turnout on Day 1a (and it was even lower today for 1b), the tournament directors have decided that we’ll be playing only four levels on Day 1, which means that most of the field will advance.  The antes don’t even kick in until the final level of the day.  My general strategy is to play patient and snug early, identify the soft spots (and there will be soft spots) and try to attack them.

I’ll be Tweeting periodic updates for those who wish to follow my progress.

Off we go!

5 thoughts on “Poker’s Christmas Eve.

  1. I prefer to think of it as Poker’s Matzah Ball. Yaaaaaaaaaaayy attack the soft spots…yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Go Carpet for Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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