Poker Undead.

I’m not saying this to justify the dry spell I’ve been on, but during the past couple of months, the amount of times I’ve been victimized by a hideous bad beat far outnumbers the amount of times I’ve laid one on an opponent.  Then there was Sunday.  Sunday was a different story.

I was knocked out of the 2009 WSOP Main Event no fewer than three times Sunday, yet I’m still in with a nice stack.  I was drawing to two outs for my tournament life twice, both times I found one of the cards I needed.  I just wouldn’t die.

I’m hoping to turn my lucksack Day 1 into a real story.   I’ve got 65,750 chips and will be back in action Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Poker Undead.

  1. The reason Poker is a game of skill is that the luck should even out in the long run, but the skill should be a constant. Even Sug D can walk on water once in a while. Now let’s make it count. GOOD LUCK on Wednesday.

  2. you deserve a few your way! Go win this thing already! (and set your twitter so it updates your facebook status as well, so that those of us who don’t tweet can still follow the action)

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