One (More) Time!

We’re in the money now, my third cash in the WSOP Main.

The bad news is I’m short again.  Can I stage yet another comeback in this tournament?  I’m cautiously optimistic.

When you bluff all in with air only ten players from the bubble in the WSOP Main Event when you have enough chips to easily fold to the money, you either have a lot of heart or a screw loose.   Maybe both?  That’s what I did today.  I also did a few other wacky-ass things that I didn’t think I had the courage for.  Who knew.  In the end, I didn’t have enough tricks in my bag to take over my table, but I tried my best.  You have to make a hand or two at some point, and I never did today.

Back to work tomorrow with a reshove stack.

7 thoughts on “One (More) Time!

  1. good work sir…see you at Mo’ Sun next week…I’m there 7-22 thru 7-26…maybe the main the following week if I do anything in the prelims…again, nice finish in the ME…

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