Summer Salvaged.

I’m happily back home now with nowhere to be for a little while.  It feels like I’ve been gone forever.

My 262nd place finish in the WSOP Main made my summer a profitable one.  All it took was a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of rungood.

It’s a shame that I’ve dispensed with my old habit of taking notes during the breaks of the WSOP ME.  My trajectory in that tournament was probably the wildest ride I’ve had yet.  It was the closest thing to the uber-clichéd “CHIP AND A CHAIR!!!1!11!!” comeback that I’ve ever experienced.  There were at least fifty hands of interest that are worthy of discussion, but there’s no way I’ll remember all of them.  I’ll try my best to put together a good recap sometime soon, though.  I wouldn’t want to let my adoring fans down.

Thanks to everyone for all their support on Twitter, Facebook, email, here… yayy for the interweb!

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